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Rihanna - Man Down

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I didnt mean to end his life
I know it wasnt right
I cant even sleep at night
Cant get it out my mind
I need to get outta sight
Fore I end up behind bars

What started out as a simple altercation
Turned into a real sticky situation
Me just thinking on the time
That Im facing makes me wanna cry

Cause I didnt mean to hurt him
Coulda been somebodys son
And I took his heart when
I pulled out that gun
Rum bum bum bum (x3)
Man down
Rum bum bum bum (x3)
Man down

Oh mama, mama, mama
I just shot a man down
In central station
In front of a big ol crowd
Oh Why Oh Why
Oh mama, mama, mama
I just shot a man down
In central station

Little .22
I call her Peggy Sue
And she fits right down in my shoes
What you expect me to do
If youre playin me for a fool?
I will lose my cool
And reach for my fire arm
I didnt mean to lay him down
But its too late to turn back now
Dont know what I was thinking
Now hes no longer living
So Im bout to leave town

[pre-hook, hook]

Can you hear me now?

Said I never thought Id do it
Never thought Id do it
Never thought Id do it

Oh gosh, whatever happened to me
Ever happened to me
Ever happened to me

Why did I pull the trigga
Pull the trigga
Pull the trigga - boom

And end a ni**a
End a ni**as life so soon

When me pull the trigga
Pull the trigga
Pull it pon you

Somebody, tell me what Im gonna
What Im gonna do

Rum bum bum bum (x3)
Me say one man down

And when me say
Rum bum bum bum (x3)
Then me went downtown

Cause now I am a criminal, criminal, criminal
Oh Lawd of mercy, now I am a criminal
Man down
Tell the judge please give me minimal
Run out of town
None of them can see me now, see me now

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